(Русский) Программа обученияProgramm


2019 – 2022


Learning basic principles of stage performance:

* perform single / paired performing sketches to free-up the kid to interact in stage space with a partner and objects while acting

* create theme sketches

* create sketches around imaginary objects on the stage

* learn how to act naturally on the stage

* develop ability to control oneself on stage without losing charisma and sense of credibility

* participate in rehearsals before the qualifying performance

* acting on the professional stage during qualifying performance


– singing: improve an ear for music and correctly follow the tune

– develop voice improvement, ability to perform emotionally using voice

– develop ability to convey the basic idea of any musical play

– teach kids to possess control over own voice


Native English teachers

* ability to improvise in English language skills

* ability to play and convey a thought in a language other than native

* ability to correctly intonate and develop a British accent


* develop skills to control kid’s body on stage / in any space

* develop ability to hear music and move improvising to any melody

* learn & practice Modern and Jazz Modern dance movements

* participate in dance performances


* master the basics of the art of fencing

* practice play on swords, sticks, rapiers, ability to fight, navigate in space

* practice ability to control circumstances and interact with partners

After Romeo & Juliette musical by W. Shakespeare is successfully staged, students will be offered to follow 3 individual training programs:

1. Preparation to enroll in one of the Moscow’s Theater institution

2. Preparation to enroll Inimpetus Ecolas de Atores in Portugal – http://www.inimpetus.org/

3. THEATER FOR PLEASURE for amateurs. Those who come to school for the first time are supposed to apply for this amateur course. After first 6 months of study, students are selected/invited to the next theatre school levels, mentioned above.

The study programs are the same for all groups. Number of hours and qualification level depend on each student preference and aspiration.

DATE: Workshops start on Saturday, January 26 OPEN-HOUSE: There will be an open-school day, where you can come with your kid, meet teachers and attend demo class on acting skills, vocal and dance.

TIME: 11.00 – 13.00

ADDRESS: 6, Soviet Army House Street, Loft Studio / metro Dostoevskoe