She teaches acting.

She graduated from RATI (GITIS) department of general stage management, OL. Kudryashov’s class (2007)


Center for Drama and Direction of M. Roshchina and A. Kazantsev (2005-2009)
“Learn, learn, learn …”, A. Bogacheva
“Do not part with your loved ones”, A. Volodin
“Mermaid”, A.S. Pushkin

Meyerhold Center
“The Awakening of Spring”, F. Vedekind

Mayakovsky Theater Branch (2010)

“Zamarashka” based on the play by Ya. Glovatsky
“Cinderella”, E. Schwartz

DOM of V.Vysotsky on Taganka (2011)
“The Third Shift or Adult Games”, P. Pryazhko

Experimental Theater (2011)
“Stories”, Anton Chekhov

Theater on Pokrovka (2012)
“Star boy”, O. Wilde

Experimental Theater (2013)
Experimental Theater (2013)

“DOK”  Theater – the festival “Lyubimovka”

“Do not be afraid, Lesya! Everything is fine!”, M. Zelinskaya (2011)
“Endless April,” I. Pulinovich (2012)
“Matryoshka on the roundness of the earth”, E. Narshi (2013)

Central House of Actor – “YES” Festival
“Matryoshka on the roundness of the earth”, E. Narshi (2014)

Since 2014, the stage-director in the Bulgakov theater

Founder of the project “I am in the proposed circumstances” – experimental performances:
“Five Evenings” and “Elder Sister”, A. Volodin
“Warsaw Melody”, L. Zorin

Theater m. Bulgakov (2015 – present)

“Thunderstorm”, A. Ostrovsky (2015)
“The Overcoat”, N. Gogol (2016)”
“Antigone”, J. Anuy (2015)

Other cities:

Ulan-Ude (2006). Drama theatre.
“Playing the friendly family or dinner a-la France”, M. Kamoletti

Saratov (2007). Theater of the Young Spectator.
Reading the play “Boat. Airship. I, K. Malinin

Lysva, Perm Territory (2008). Drama Theatre
Reading the play “Terrorism” Presnyakov Brothers

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