Russian actor, circus performer, stuntman, stunt producer.

Teaches stage movement and fencing

In 1985-1992 he studied in the Circus School in Saratov, worked as a circus performer (juggler, equilibrist).

In 1998 he graduated from the theater department of the State Conservatory. L. Sobinova (Saratov) with specialty as an actor of drama theater and cinema (class of the People’s Artist of the USSR V. A. Ermakova). Then he worked at the Saratov Academic Theater of the Young Spectator. Yu. P. Kiseleva (1998-2001). Laureate of the Saratov Theater Award “Golden Harlequin” (2000) for performing the role of Ivan in the play “Hello to you, gentlemen!”

In 2001 he entered the postgraduate course of the department of stage plastics of the RATI, specialty director and teacher of stage plastics, from which he graduated in 2003. He taught stage movement in theatrical faculties of the State Conservatory named after L. Sobinova (Saratov) and the Institute of Humanitarian Education (Moscow). Since 2002, teaches stage movement and fencing in the RATI (GITIS). Since 2004 – stage director and teacher in the theater “Et Сetera”.

As a director of stunt plastics, he worked on performances of Cat in Boots (Saratov Theater for Young Spectators named after Yu.P. Kiselev), Diagnosis: Edith Piaf (Moscow Theater of the Moon), Rikki-Tiki-Tavi (Vedogon Theater, Zelenograd), “PS “(IGUMO, class of A. Bordukov), as well as in various show programs.

Roles in the theaters.

Lord Muhil, Edmund Keane – G. Gorin’s “Kin IV”

Guillen-dwarf – “Birthday of the Infanta” by O.Wald

General Bonaparte – “The Chosen One of Fate” B. Shaw

Ivan Kichkin – “Children” by M. Gorky

Ivan – “Hello to you, gentlemen!” By “Brigadier” D. Fonvizin

Pierrot – “Golden Key” by A. Tolstoy

Balthazar – “Little Tzakhes” E.-T.-A. Hoffman

Neil – M.Gorky’s “Philistines”

Edmund – W. Shakespeare’s “King Lear”

Cat – “Puss in Boots” G.Kalau

Fedot – “The Tale About Fedot-Archer …” by L. Filatova

Heinrich – “The Naked King” by E. Schwartz

Participates in the play “Hamlet | Collage”

Cinema roles. Actor.

“Beginning of the Way” (“Morning of the Patriarch”) (2001)

“Code of Honor” (2002)

“The investigation is conducted by experts” (2002)

“Penal Battalion” (2003)

“The death of the Empire” (2004)

“Bunker” (2004)

“Personal Number” (2004)

“Ataman” (2005)

“Alias ​​– Albanian” (2006)

“On the Game” (Gamers) (2008)

“Return for further investigation” (Visyaki-2) (2008)

“The truth hides a lie” (2009)

“Lawyers” (2009)

“The Network” (2009)

“Zveroboi-2” (2009)

“Payback Hour” (2010)

“P. M. Tretyakov. The history of the great collection “(2010)

“Pyatnitsky. Dan” (2010)

“Interns” (2010)

“Investigative committee. Black Colonel “(2011)

“Pyatnitsky” (2011)

“First Time” (2017)

“Who, if not me?” (2012)

Cinema roles. Stuntman.

“Penal Battalion” (2003)

“Night Watch” (2003)

“Sarmat” (2003)

“State Counselor” (2004)

“The death of the Empire” (2004)

“The death of the Empire” (2004)

“Bunker” (2004)

“Echelon” (2004)

“The hunt for a genius” (2005)

Lenin’s Testament (2006)

Web (2006)

“Fight with a shadow – 2” (2006)

“1612th Time of Troubles (2006)

Admiral Kolchak (2007)

The Fly (2007)

“Happy Together” (2007)

“Burnt by the Sun-2” (2007)

“Khiromant-2” (2007)

“New Earth” (2007)

Pskov Mission (2008)

“On the Game” (Gamers) (2008)

“Once upon a time there was one woman” (2008)

The Dark World (West of the Sun) (2008)

“Mistress of the taiga” (2008)

“The truth hides a lie” (2009)

“Lawyers” (2009)

The Network (2009)

The Yakuza Daughter (2009)

Split (2009)

“Terrible Times” (2010)

“Slove. Right in the heart “(2010)

“Pyatnitsky. Dan (2010)

“To all deaths for evil” (2010)

“Interns” (2010)

“On the bullet’s hair” (2011)

“Metro” (2011)

Cinema roles. The director.
“Bunker” (2004)

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